Friday, May 24, 2013

Warframe: Update 8 is Here

Today in Gaming: the much anticipated update to the free-to-play third-person space ninja game Warframe has finally been launched according to Digital Extremes -- the developer -- through their Facebook page.

Update 8: Rise of the Warlords will add several key new features to the game (some of them are alpha additions, so expect some turbulence):

  • [ALPHA] Clan members can meet and hang out together inside the DOJO. The Dojo is also a place where potentially players in the future could make their own levels. The Dojo has clan projects that can be constructed as clan members contribute resources. Architects have full control over the construction of the Dojo. There is also friendly 1v1 dueling and they plan to launch dueling leaderboards soon.
  • [ALPHA] Tech research can be done by clans to unlock deadly weapons that can be build in your foundry.
  • Once you get your weapons to level 30, you can polarize your weapon -- adding or changing a polarity value -- using forma, a new resource.
  • Two new tiles sets (the levels you play are assembled from "tiles"): Grineer Galleon and Orokin Void. The Grineer ships contain new enemies. The Void has a series of keys that you can either loot or buy with platinum to unlock awesome loot runs. The Void also has blueprint components for the Frost Prime warframe.
  • 20 new weapons, including energy weapons, biological toxins, and high-impact explosives. There are also five rare weapons you can find during special missions.
  • Lieutenant Lech Kril has been upgraded.
  • You can take screenshots without the HUD.
  • The party details key is a toggle and no longer a hold.
  • There's a secret unit called the stalker that no one has seen, but if you kill him... chaching!
  • Pistol weapon: throwing daggers for silent kills
  • Single-handed Ether Sword, Dual Broncos
  • Dethcube sentinel.
  • New mods: sanctuary (shield while reviving an ally), reach (melee), master thief (chance to unlock locked containers), insulation (reduces shield damage from ice), rage (damage taken increases energy), melee channel (casting adds energy to next melee strike), acrobat (improves wallrun efficiency), hawkeye (pistol zoom), eagle eye (rifle zoom)
  • Technically, the new trapper warframe Vauban is part of update 8, though he was released earlier after eight was delayed for a bit.

There were also some tweaks and fixes as you might expect -- mostly to Rhino's Iron Skin, Vauban (the newest warframe), and you'll find more stuff on Pluto. Full notes are available in the link below.

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