Monday, May 6, 2013

Launch - World of Trinketz

Today in gaming: indie game developer Dark Matter Entertainment has put out a new game on Facebook today called World of Trinketz. This game is a 3D virtual world that runs in the Unity 3D engine. It's a cute little game. You get to customize your guy down to the plaid in his bandana -- though I thought it was weird that most of the colors are locked at the start of the game. Anyway, the tutorial level shows you all the things you'll get to play with -- like candy sandboxes, a boombox for a dance party, a house with eyes that shelters you and your Trinketz, and your guide -- Ophelia -- who I love because she seems spunky.

You can choose your own name or have the game come up with one for you. I am Hunter MushyCat -- protector and purveyor of the Trinketz. I'll report back more after I'm done with my review.

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