Monday, May 13, 2013

Teslagrad/Ethan on Greenlight

Today in gaming: Steam's Greenlight community section has some new projects looking for votes today. Two of them in particular caught my eye, so I up-voted them. I hope you will consider doing the same.


Take the blink dagger from DOTA, turn it into the "technomancy" glove from Mars: War Logs, and let people zap themselves around the board like Dishonored -- put it all into a side-scrolling puzzle game and you've got Teslagrad. The idea is to get around complex environmental puzzles using your electro-magnetic apparel.

The whole game is set in a steampunk, what the developers call "rainy-and-brainy" setting.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter

So, this guy Ethan touches a fragment of a shattered meteor one day and it changes him. Now, since I'm a part-time astrophysicist, I will point out that what Ethan actually touches is a meteorite -- but since Ethan appears to be an anthropomorphized dormouse, I won't dwell on it. Anyway, in order to regain some normalcy in his life, Ethan must reassemble the shards.

The game takes place across fifty levels and three different environments. My one concern about this game is the intention they have to use the Steam community to decide "what to change for the final version". This is almost always a bad idea, since if the forum guys were qualified to design good games -- they'd be making the games and you'd be voting for them. However, the game itself looks solid (I played the alpha), so they got my vote.

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