Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review - Monaco: What's Mine is Yours

Today in gaming: I took a look at a new video game title called Monaco: What's Mine is Yours. This game has won many awards during it's time in development. And as far as I can tell, they are all well deserved.

You are one of the members of a group of prisoners who escape from prison and then go on a crime spree -- robbing various high-security buildings -- in an attempt to earn enough cash to escape the authorities of Monaco. The game features multiple ways to finish each level. You can hack computers, drill through walls, hide in bushes, or simply go all Rambo on everybody.

The game ran at a clean 75 FPS for me. I experience no bugs or problems. I would be nice if you could use a mouse on the menu screens, but other than that there is little to complain about.

Monaco is a great mix of humor, intregue, puzzling, action, and a bit of film noir -- if by film noir I mean fog of war. Then yes, film noir. You can pick up Monaco on Steam for $14.99US.

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