Monday, May 13, 2013

Kickstarter: PGI 14

Today in gaming: is an on-line video game HUB that is looking to conduct a massive on-line survey of gamers and then turn the results into a full-length documentary. Specifically, they are looking to address some of the obvious problems within the video games industry -- things like sexism and studio reaping.

Based out of Great Britain, the company is looking to include opinions and voices from all over the world. And their funding level of 20K GBP is attainable for a documentary project and will go to obtaining the equipment, film, etc. required to make the film plus the expenses of conducting the survey.

As part of the project, they've given you the viewer some homework to do. If you are so inclined, they want you to sit down in front of a camera or put together a video of some kind that addresses a problem in the video game industry that you think should be addressed by 2014. Then post the video on-line (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc) and invite your friends/subscribers to comment on it. Be sure to include "PGI 14" in the title and #PGI14 if you use Twitter.

The idea is that this is going to be a viral documentary -- a new concept practical only as a result of today's emerging global information age.

I hope you will consider participating and/or donating to the cause.

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