Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ragnarok 2 Introduces PVP

Today in gaming: a big announcement from the guys behind on-line free-to-play MMO Ragnarok 2. Gravity Interactive has announced that starting today, players can participate in PvP and PvM (Monster) battles inside "The Colosseum" twice a day. While in game, you will be "called" to the Colosseum and if you would like to participate, fame-a-plenty is available to those who advance through the ranks.

A colosseum match is played with thirty players at a time. In order to participate, you must be of level 25 or above. It's a five-round match, so if you get wiped out early you'll still have a chance to make a comeback in the later rounds. Points acquired during Colosseum battles can be used towards unlocking unique armor and such.

There's even a PvP-only mount that you can buy. The photo on the site appears to be some kind of armored toucan. Still, a mount is a mount.

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