Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Details

Today in Gaming: Infinity Ward ended the Microsoft XBOX One showing off Call of Duty: Ghosts -- a game designed to clear out all the design limitations that a sequel would require by starting a brand new version FPS. In fact, the game will run on a brand new engine that takes advantage of the new console's processing power. Here's a list of some of the highlights they talked about:

  • They brought in the writer from the movie "Traffic" for the single-player campaign.
  • A "lean" feature
  • Interactive smoke
  • Interactive terrain and objects, like goldfish that move when you near them.
  • Multiplayer will feature dynamic maps -- meaning that the players can change the maps as they are playing and.or the maps can change themselves
  • Customizable multiplayer characters
  • 60FPS

They then had a side-by-side comparison of MW3 and the new game. The differences were stark and a great way to show off the graphics capabilities of the new console.

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