Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So, I will continue to write articles and post my video reviews and such, however, I've decided to consolidate all the news articles that I have been posting individually into one single daily post of aggregated news. These posts will update all day long whenever I hear about new video gaming news until midnight.


  • Warner Brothers released a new teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. It's short and doesn't tell us much other than the release date, but it is gorgeous.
  • Wildstar -- the hotly anticipated MMO game -- launched it's second beta today. This beta deals directly with the second faction: The Dominion. There's a new dungeon for LVL 20 players, the level cap has increased to 30 (from 22), there's a 10v10 "capture the flag" area, and the milestones and attributes have had an overhaul.
  • Kalypso Media announced the release of a new trailer for their upcoming vampire title Dark. This trailer is the second "skills" trailer that shows off how your hero can interact with the enemies and NPCs of the game.
  • The sci-fi MMO Star Sonata 2 is getting an expansion called Subspace Assault -- set to be released on Saturday, June 15, 2013 according to the developer, Landauer Games. The new content deals with a race called the Aveksaka who keep invading Paxian space. Your job is to fight back this invading force as a member of the Paxians.
  • In preparation for their new title, the guys behind Pro-Cycling Manager 2013 just released a new Web site that's chock full of pics and screenshots.
  • The newest issue (#5) of First Look -- a gaming e-zine is out. Their TOC is full of stuff to keep an eye out for at E3.


  • [iOS] Yet Another Bird Game is a cute little game for iOS where a mad scientist invents a special electrical current called "Current-X" to destroy the local bird population. You need to move the birds from wire to wire to keep them from being electrified. The trick is understanding the six types of birds and their unique advantages and disadvantages.
  • [iOS] Jack & Jill's Pre-school Adventure is a game that helps toddlers learn skills that will be useful for them in kindergarten. There are six mini-games that teach children how to identify colors, find shapes, and associate letters with objects. The designers consulted a leading pre-school in San Francisco to make the game as useful as possible.
  • [iOS] Wordmare is a really cool word puzzle game from Sharkfish Studios that uses crossword-like clues and associations to previously solved clues to give you aid you in solving the answers. Some clues even have photos or MP3s attached. A great concept and well designed.
  • [iOS] Rugby Nations 13 is the fourth release of Distinctive Games' popular rugby game -- a title that has seen 2.5 million downloads. This version has improved visuals and animations. They have been working with ex-professional rugby player James Waterhouse to improve the game mechanics and flow.
  • [MMO] Legend of Edda: Vengeance launched in open beta today. This is a realm-vs-realm expansion for their main game. Trailer below. It has a very unusual fishing mechanic that grants non-combat EXP.
  • [Steam] Renaissance Heroes is a free-to-play, old-school, Quake-like, first-person shooter game set in 16th century Europe. It uses the Unreal 3 engine.
  • [Steam] Thunder Wolves is a third-person helicopter destroy the environment game that is absolutely gorgeous. It's by Most Wanted Entertainment -- who made Defenders of Ardania (2012) and Joint Task Force (2007). You have your choice of nine helicopters to use through 13 missions. If you don't like explosions, this one isn't for you.

Dates/Coming Soon

  • 2013.10.25 - Batman: Arkham Origins
  • 2013.06.15 - Star Sonata 2: Subspace Assault
  • 2013.05.21 - Fast & Furious: Showdown
  • 2013.05.21 - Prime World: Defenders

Indie/Doujin Support

  • A new game called Life of Pixel is looking for support on Kickstarter for their 2D side-scrolling retro platformer.
  • If you are into the Japanese doujin scene, you may be interested in Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator, a new title out by developer Orange Juice (known for their cult classic SUGURI).


  • Now through the end of the month (May 29), Shinny Loot is having a "We Got Your Keys" indie sale on over 50 different game titles -- some of which are being discounted as much as 80% off. Titles include Anodyne, Trainz Simulator 12, SpaceChem, Puddle, and Children of the Nile.


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