Thursday, May 16, 2013

Launch - Jack & Jill's Pre-school Adventure

Today in gaming: Jack and Jill's Preschool Adventure is a game developed by Arista Games in conjunction with Little Flowers Montessori -- a leading pre-school in San Francisco -- for iDevices. The game engages pre-schoolers and teaches them important skills they will need to know before entering kindergarden, such as colors, counting, and the alphabet. There are six mini-games in total:

  • balloon picking (colors)
  • birthday cake (counting candles)
  • fruit tree (alphabet)
  • night sky (shapes)
  • clouds (shapes)
  • cards (matching)

You can play as Jack or Jill and can dress up like pirates or firemen or other things like that. This app is now in the iTunes store for $.99US.

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