Friday, March 29, 2013

Blustery Day in Argentina

[LINK] The Daily Mail's Take on the Hubbub

Today in gaming: in 1982, the UK and Argentina went to war over the Malvinas Islands (known in England as the Falklands). As you can imagine, with almost 1,000 people dead, the war left both sides quite grumpy.

This week, Argentinian game developer released an expansion map for the popular on-line first-person shooter, Counter Strike, which depicted Argentina as heroic patriots and the British as terrorists.

This is actually not a big deal since Counter Strike is a game where two teams of players are always divided into heroes and terrorists. So the game press hasn't been covering it. But the non-game-playing press doesn't know any better. So they've made it a story.

Well, as a result of the press attention, the servers that hold the map have been attacked by hackers that Dattatec claims were based out of the United Kingdom.

No independent confirmation of the origin of the attacks has been given. So far, 15,000 people have downloaded the map pack.

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