Thursday, March 28, 2013

2012 Tough Year for Game Stop

[LINK] Gamasutra: Game Stop's 4th Quarter 2012 Report

Today in gaming: is Game Stop the last of the buggy whip makers? has an article on the final Q4 2012 report from Game Stop and it's failure to meet year-end expectations. Game Stop has been having serious problems adjusting to a new world of digital game downloads. For the year ending Feb 2, 2013, game sales were down 7% and console sales also took a hit -- though lackluster console sales are to be expected with next-generation consoles getting ready to launch.

Expectations for this year are also grim -- with estimates of as much as 8% down. We'll see if Game Stop can find a way to keep the brick-and-mortar model afloat or if it makes a full conversion to digital downloads.

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