Monday, April 8, 2013

Warframe Review

So, I just got done playing two hours of Warframe -- the new 3rd person 3D shooter that's up on Steam. This game really isn't for me, but I can see the appeal for people who like to run and gun. I tried it because a) it's free, and b) it surpassed 1 million registered users today. It's currently a beta test, so I'm sure some of these things might change, but here are my impressions so far.


  • I enjoyed the graphics. I thought they were very nice. Especially when we got outside (playing in the Venus system), things looked really amazing.
  • I thought the gun crafting system was pretty cool.
  • The player models were nice and the textures were interesting.
  • The tutorial was helpful and very clear.
  • The aiming was good, though it would be nice to switch from righty to lefty when taking cover. I was always on target and my shots landed where they were supposed to.
  • The modding of weapons was really interesting. You can "fuse" (combine) mods to make even bigger better mods that you can then apply to your weapons -- provided you have enough room on your gun to accommodate them. This is a really clever way of limiting how buffed a guy can become.


  • This game was billed as a squad based shooter. I assure you that there was no squad action. Only individual dudes rushing ahead to kill as many people as possible before everyone else could catch up.
  • The level maps are reused -- a lot. I saw the same level three times and I only played eight campaigns. This is helpful for people who have played before because they know where everything is and can beat you to it while you're wondering around looking for stuff.
  • You get griefed a lot if you look in crates because the experienced players are waiting for you at the end and you're really slow because you have no enhancements.
  • You have to roll through certain obstacles but it never teaches you how to roll.
  • My last level said that it was difficulty level 1, but it meant that it was difficulty level 1 in the Venus system -- which was significantly harder than the Mercury system and I died horribly repeatedly.
  • Even if you start them with a crappy level one magic spell, when you tell someone they're going to be able to crush an enemy like a can of beer, you have to let us beercan enemies -- even if it doesn't kill them.

This game isn't really for me, but I'm curious if anyone else played it and, if so, what are your thoughts?

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