Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Trailer - Contrast

Today in gaming: Compulsion Games released a new trailer for their 2D/3D platforming title Contrast. It's a teaser trailer with some beta gameplay footage. It's eerie and gritty and drenched in film noir style.

The setting is art deco meets vaudeville. The plot of the game revolves around you helping a girl named Didi find out what happened to her family. You have a special power to meld with shadows, making this a pseudo stealth platforming game. As a result of your shadow ability, you can switch from 3D world to the 2D plain of a shadow-cast wall -- a really interesting game mechanic.

In the trailer, Didi helps you correct a problem with the shadows in order to allow you to pass certain obstacles. These are probably scripted events.

No official date, though it's rumored CONTRAST will be out sometime in May 2013. I will absolutely keep you informed.

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