Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kickstarter: Flowstorm

Today in gaming: Flowstorm is an on-line 2D space-shuttle racing and combat game that you can play right now (link below). However, the duo who brought you the game -- Joachim Holmér and Jenny Nordenborg (aka the Neat Corporation) -- have launched a Kickstarter campaign to add some key features to the game. What do they want to do?

  • Release a stand-alone version of the game (currently in alpha)
  • Release a level editor so you can make your own courses (currently in pre-alpha)
  • Add new kinds of ammo
  • Add an achievement system
  • Multiplayer, including lobby, leaderboards, and team stuffs
  • Get the game ready to go for Steam

This game is crazy addictive, mostly because they have ghost images of people who have done better than you and you spend your time trying to stay in front of those who came before.

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