Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video Review - Eador: Masters of the Broken World

Today, I got a copy of Eador: Masters of the Broken World. This is a non-linear, turn-based strategy game for the PC. If you played the first game -- subtitled Genesis -- you will recognize the interface and game mechanics immediately.

This game is published by Snowbird Games -- and was released on Steam and GOG.com four days ago. This game is very unique and as you explore, your decisions change certain events and future options based on your karma.

In the game, you begin as a lowly peasant who dreams of ascending to greatness when you are found in your village by a mysterious mage who offers to get you on your way to glory.

You must travel from province to province taming the inhabitants who live there and either gently offering friendship and integration -- or demanding their allegiance under pain of death.

This game is actually two games in one -- it's a turn-based warfare game where you must out-maneuver and over power your enemies, yet also a city builder where you have to set up the infrastructure that will support your army and your castle through construction and administration.

You might think that such a game would be quite complex, but the interface and game mechanics make it easy to handle the chores associated with ruling with an iron grip.

Oh, and you have to lash together space rocks. I forgot about the space rock part. Yeah, the whole thing is set in an asteroid field of floating shards in the "Great Nothing".

Yeah, this game is crazy cool.

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