Friday, April 12, 2013

Sci-Fighters for OUYA

Sci-Fighters is a multiplayer science-fictioned themed party game exclusively for the OUYA being developed by Headup Games (the gang that brought you Limbo). It's an arena based game where up to four players are dropped into an area infested by monsters. Your job is to be the last man standing. As you play, you pick up various upgraded weapons like ice rifles.

It also has a single player mode if you want to train before going to your friend's house to clean his clock.

You might remember that when the Wii first came out, Wii Sports was the big exciting party game that gave the new box a great deal of traction in the console market. Some of us also remember that the XBOX launched with a title called Fusion Frenzy that had a series of party games set in a futuristic world.

This new title for the OUYA plans to serve a similar purpose.

One of the developers working on the Sci-Fighters project is FlukeDude -- best known for his on-line smash hit The Impossible Game.

The OUYA has -- at present -- announced only a few titles themselves. However many developers have spoken excitedly about porting titles from their current catalogs to the new box.

Headup Games is one of several developers actively developing new titles.

The OUYA was a kickstarter-funded console that is launching in June -- though units for those people who offered qualifying donations to the project have already begun shipping. The console itself is physically smaller than the controller upon which you play it.


Here are some screenshots that I got from the developer.

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  1. I absolutely love this game! I just can't get enough - I keep playing again and again and again... Excellent gameplay, and the graphics and music are fantastic, too!