Monday, April 15, 2013

Dragon Pals Alpha Starts Today

Today in gaming: Reality Squared Games (developers of Yitien Chronicles) has announced that the alpha testing for it's newest title Dragon Pals will begin at 8AM PST. No word on what percentage of the quests, monsters, and events will be active during the alpha, but it's a great chance to get a first look at the English version of this title -- which has been hugely successful in China, attracting over five million players.

Like most of their games, Dragon Pals is entirely browser based. The storyline asks you to, one by one, reawaken a lounge of dragons that has exiled itself into hiding to keep from falling into the hands of the evil that has befallen your land.

The game is mostly a side-scrolling platformer, but there's also a player-vs-player arena called the Cage Match where players who join are randomly thrown together and forced to do battle. They also have pet dragons that you can customize.

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